2000 Bimota SB6-R


For many The SB6/7 is the pinnacle of old school Bimota craft. The recipe back then was simple: take the best and most powerful Japanese engines and wrap them in the most exquisite and fine handling hand-made Italian chassis and bodywork. The SB6/7 had hairy Suzuki GSX-R engines, sublime handling and craftsmanship. Forget the WSB-homologation special 750, the GSX-R1100-powered Bimota SB6 is the daddy. Huge, terrifyling and awesome it needs handling with respect but rewards with 147bhp and enough meaty midrange to satisfy a truck driver. The Bimota SB6 is big, solid and there are few bigger rushes

Motorcycle Details

  • Year: 2000
  • Make: Bimota
  • Model: SB6-R
  • Engine Capacity: 1100
  • ODO: 11,000km
  • A stunning Bimota SB6-R. This bike looks absolutely stunning! Hand crafted Italian exotic chassis meets brutal Japanese powerplant!
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