Mens Heritage Straight CE AAA Black


World’s Safest Lined Motorcycle Jeans: CE level 2, 10.83 second pass. Dual layer & cross knitting, exceptionally strong against motion cuts. Flex fit. Moisture control. Prevention of heat buildup. Over 200% stronger than other Aramids. 15 times stronger than carbon steel.

Our classic protective motorcycle jeans offer a timeless fit & finish; paired with stretch comfort, D3O® Evo armor, & our record-breaking Pekev® abrasion liner.
With a CE AAA rating, the Heritage jeans give life to our motto: Look Cool, Ride Safe, & prove that you don’t need to sacrifice style or comfort when choosing a pair of protective jeans.

  • Wick liner for moisture control
  • Flex fit for ultimate riding comfort
  • Wash safe! No loss of protection
  • Breathable, preventing heat buildup
  • No external stitching, like regular jeans
  • Hidden, adjustable armour pockets
  • World’s safest motorcycle jeans
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