Mens Cafe Cargo CE AA Slim Black


Stylish, Comfortable, and Protection – These motorcycle cargo pants ticks all the points when it comes to buy the best pant for the riders!

  • 80% Pekev® Lined
  • CE AAA Rated
  • Mesh Liner to Reduce Friction
  • Removable D3O Ghost Hip & Knee Armour Included

  • 6x Belt Loop Design
  • YKK Zippered Fly and Button Closure
  • Tapered Slim Fit

  • Highly Breathable
  • Wash Safe With No Loss Of Protection
  • Wicking Liner for Moisture Control and Comfort
  • Flex Fit for Comfort

  • Drawstring Storage Bag Included
  • Twin Front Pockets
  • Twin Gusseted Side Pockets With a Snap Closure
  • Twin Zippered Rear Pockets
  • Zip Closure Pockets for Item Security

  • Hidden Hip Armour Pockets
  • Hidden, Adjustable Knee Armour Pockets
  • YKK Zips Provide Proven Quality
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